It was in my elementary school days when a friend of mine built a CL model (.09 Trainer) . I was very impressed to see it.
He built just one but did not fly it.  Then he took me to a model shop and it was so much fun to build the models and handle the engines.
I enjoyed spending "fun days" flipping the prop until the battery went dead or till it got dark.
My first model was a .09 semiscale profile trainer in which the paint became melted from fuel !!
Only the paint I knew was what I was used for plastic models for years.
This model could be in air but only half rap,  I could not control it because I made the lines too long which created no line tension  !!
I do not remember how many mistakes I made,  but I clearly remember that my mother encouraged me with a smile all the time.
I now think it was that great support for me not to give up.

One day in 1968, I successfully flew my third model until the fuel tank went dry !!
From that day to now I have been enjoying this "hobby"  on most of my weekends.
Total number of the CL model air planes which I have built exceeds 350 now!!
And I could make many good friends all over the world through this wonderful hobby.

I love CL & CL People !!!!

Kaz Minato